Flat Belly Overnight Review

February 22, 2016 9:09 am

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Looking to trim down your belly with some great products that include dietary training formulas and eBooks that teach simple tricks on burning belly fat? This flat belly overnight review will teach you how.

What is Flat Belly overnight?


Before setting off on the journey to a flat belly, you have to know what the tool for this is going to be.

This is course that consists of three online training programs that aim at giving you a tighter, flatter and better toned belly.

In the training program, there is a 3 minute workout video that should help you target belly fat in the most stubborn pockets with the help of proper exercises as well as two eBooks. One is a template and the other is a detox formula.

The creator of this program claims that with the help of his creation you can lose clingy belly fat and not have to give up the foods you like.

The program goes ahead to claim that you can even loose belly fat while sleeping. Meaning, you do not have to be a gym junky. Supposedly, this is where the term “overnight” emerged.

But how exactly does the program work and do the claims hold any water?

How it Works

The program comprises of three main products. These are:

  • Three minute exercises: These are meant to flatten the belly. The exercises are meant to firm your midsection while targeting belly fat hiding spots. Additionally, the exercises are made to be presumably easy for any one even the elderly. The workouts should be a daily routine that only takes about 3 minutes of your time.
  • The template of the Flat belly overnight completed on your behalf: It is a guide that has a detailed step by step procedure of what you need to eat and the proper way of doing the exercises to help you burn midsection fat. The creator of the program claims belly fat problems can be solved by following this template.
  • Detox formula for flat belly overnight: the third and final product in the program explains how herbs and spices added to your diet can help to erase body fat and clean your system at the same time. Using these herbs and spices easily available at grocery stores, the program promises to assist you in fighting against the inflammation in your gut that might be caused by certain foods.

Cost of the Flat Belly Overnight program

Ideally the program costs about $37.

But the creator has a creative spin and details how he could sell the three main products for an astonishing $269. How you ask? Apparently he claims to spend over $99 daily with costs related to web development. A further $49.95 on distribution to email the digital files to you via your inbox.

But, the truth is, the distribution fee is close to nothing for digital products like these. As for the web development fee, it can’t be $100 unless he creates a new site every waking day.

So, the gimmick if him not being in it for the money is just that. A gimmick!  He is selling the products at their highest price possible

Once you pay the $37, you get a copy of each of the three main products for the program and you can transfer them to your other devices like a smartphone or a tablet.

There is a 60 day money back guarantee that comes with all the purchases meaning you can request a refund if you do not like the model or the lessons or it happens not to work for you.

The payment options for making the purchase includes PayPal and other major credit card services like American Express, Visa, Discover and MasterCard.

Who is the creator of the product?

The creator of the Flat belly overnight program is none other than a guy who goes by the name Andrew.

His full names as listed by the book are Andrew Raposo CPT. His official website appears to be AndrewRaposo.com.

In his about page, he has a detailed description of himself as a CSEP Certified Personal Trainer and Strength coach based in Toronto, Ontario.

He claims to have used this program to save the life of his sister Amy, who had gained considerable weight after she hit 40 and later developed type 2 diabetes.

She did not know this until she suffered stroke for the first time in her life.

According to Andrew, he helped her melt between 1 and 2 pounds per night using his simple flat belly trick to improve her health in just 7 days.

He also claims that weight loss and diet industries are threatening to take down his site because his secret is so powerful.

His eBook has the potential to bring down a multi-billion dollar industry with global reach.

To wrap it up the creator describes the Flat belly technique as miracle that came in the nick of time to help him save his dear sister’s life.

Should you use the program for weight loss purposes?

So far we have ascertained that it is impossible to perform certain exercises with the aim of losing weight in a certain area of the body. Targeted weight loss is a myth!

However, you can try some exercises that strengthen the muscles around abs and tighten them which makes them more visible and makes you look and feel like you have lost some belly fat.

Regardless, there are certain claims that the Flat Belly overnight makes are simply not possible for lack of a better word.

Among these include using the simple tricks to melt 1 to 2 pounds of fat every night and getting rid of fat around the belly in just 7 days.

While it is true that the program will teach lots on the best and healthiest foods to eat and the right exercises that will target belly fat, it is not an overnight instant cure for obesity.

However, the program might have some great information if you are looking to get a basic ab strengthening program complete with a guide to eating healthy foods.

But, this is not any different from the information that you would get from the free channels online.

My Verdict

The flat belly program is an outstanding program for those who yearn to have a flat belly quick. This flat belly overnight review has outlined salient points about the program that you need to know. 

You have to take action to get that big belly of yours flat ASAP. 

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