The Venus Factor Review – Does it Work?

May 15, 2015 5:22 am

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The Venus factor is an eBook written by  nutritionist and fitness guru John Barban, meant to help women lose weight as women store fat differently than men. Written by John Barban, the program has a clear diet and workout plan that one is supposed to follow on a daily basis in order to achieve positive results.

John’s Venus factor has become a success since its introduction in the market with many loving the fact that it not only gives a desired weight loss that one may wish for, but is also all-natural.

Unlike most of the diet plans in the market, Barban’s Venus factor is easily achievable as it does not include total starvation. The fact that that one can lose weight without having to necessarily starve has been the selling point of his plan. According to the author, a good number of those who enroll in weight loss programs give in along the way because of delayed results and the difficulties that come with it. He therefore decided to come up with a weight loss program that has fast results and does not include starvation.

Venus Diet Plan

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Getting started according to the author is easy as the plan entails a manual, virtual nutritionist, work out plan and a Venus community app. The virtual nutritionist is an app that helps one to know the amount of proteins and calories that she will need during the day while the Venus community app provides her with a forum that allows her to interact with other online users of the program.

In this plan, details of the program vary with the amount of weight loss one is willing or rather planning to lose. A complete and effective process does not stop with tips on nutrition but goes ahead and introduces meal timings and exercises. Venus factor meal timing is actually the time one is advised to keep off any food stuffs and is mainly applied during the night.

Eating low calorie foods is a basic rule in the program and one is highly advised to take lots of fruits and vegetables during this period. The program also requires that one avoids sugar or keeps her consumption as low as he or she can.

Although not quite as vital as dieting, working out in this program is equally important as it helps one to get the right results in a short period of time. Workouts can be stressful so an online support program is normally put in place to motivate those undertaking this program. Online videos are also posted to those who have enrolled in the program so that they can just be done at home.




The Venus factor gives a permanent look unlike most of the other weight loss programs. In John’s plan, one will be able to stay in shape for the next year without having to worry about gaining weight.

Apart from the just giving good results in terms of weight loss, the program also grants better health. Other than ensuring quick weight loss, proper dieting and work outs are also ways of staying healthy.

A forum created by the Venus community app is also cited as an advantage or rather a morale booster to those taking up the program. As stated by the author, morale support is a booster while taking up any weight loss program and the Venus community does that by allowing all the members to share their stories while also encouraging each other.

In his plan, he not only gives directives but also includes videos that illustrate every step of the program thereby making it very easy for subscribers. Workout videos are an added advantage to subscribers of the plan as they will not need to hire a trainer but rather do it at the comfort of their homes. In the long run, giving subscribers everything at their disposal makes the program less costly.

The virtual nutritionist app according to some reviews gives the program an edge over other weight loss programs. According to the author, one still needs calories in workouts and general supply of energy in the body. The author therefore argues that most of the weight loss programs are wrong to completely cut out calories from diets in their plan. John therefore came up with the virtual nutritionist app in his plan to be able help subscribers to know the amount of protein and calories they need to take each day.


Critics of John Barban’s Venus factor have proved that the plan is not a scum and that it works but some still argue that it does not address weight issues in men.

The plan in itself is close to perfection with no side effects whatsoever but other weight loss experts still argue that the only fastest and reliable means of losing weight is through starvation and completely avoiding calories in diets.


The Venus factor is a cheap and reliable means of losing weight and attaining good health in the process. Positive reviews and a money-back guarantee should be reason enough for all the women with weight issues to try it out.

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The Venus Factor

The Venus Factor








  • Written specifically for women to lose weight
  • Venus Community App
  • Virtual nutrition app


  • No hardcopy available
  • Not a magic pill - requires dieting, exercise and commitment
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